It’s usually best to explain your idea as best as you can. Ideally a list of requirements and some sketches explaining what you are trying to build would help us come up with a more accurate quote.

We need an initial call or meeting to discuss about your project. Having this as a starting point we can send you a quote and a brief development plan based on your requirements. Later on, if we come to an agreement, our roadmap starts with going into more detail regarding the project scope, designing wireframes, a user interface and then we develop the product.

Prices are very variable from project to project. Usually the variables that are affecting the costs are the number and complexity of features that you want to develop, the platform you want to build on (web / mobile) and the timeline that you have at your disposal.

The platform on which you should build is very much dependent on the type of product, the interaction you are trying to build, the customers you are targeting. As long as it makes sense for your project, our advice is usually to start with a mobile friendly web application as development and maintenance costs are lower. On top of this, a web application is much more flexible in case very spontaneous updates are required.

Our prices are usually fixed per project and agreed upon from the start of the project. This means that as long as we follow the schedule there should be no extra costs for you during the development. The total price includes every single costs, from: wireframing, UI & UX design, branding, project management, development, testing and any other costs of the third party services we agree to use. Everything is sent to you and agreed upon from the begining. 

We work on an agile approach so spontaneous changes are welcomed. We totally understand how important is for you to quickly adapt to new needs or opportunities so we usually try to accommodate every new request inside our plan.

Maintenance is on our todo list, so no need to worry about your project after the development will end. We will be there for you.

Yes. We want to be as transparent as possible with what we do and how we do it.

Whatsapp or Email or whatever is convenient for you. We like to keep things as convenient as possible.

Yes, we can do that as well. As long the existing code base is readable and documented.

If you have any other questions, contact us.