Commons Accel

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Commons Accel is a Romanian based startup accelerator which is helping local startups turn their ideas into proper businesses. The programme prepares the founders to the point of getting their business up and running or getting funded from partner investors..


The Commons Accel website presents the accelerator programme and it’s benefits among with the team members and mentors available on a nice and clean landing page.

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The website allows the users to find out about the latest events and pricing, read about the accelerator programme and even apply for the new cohort. On the other hand side, the members of the cohort have access to multiple quizzes and tests during the programme.


The image from below emphasizes theĀ  application form built using Redux Form, an npm library for building scalable and flexible input forms using React and Redux.


Branding, Design, Web development,

Commons Accel

August 2019 – November 2019

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