Progressive web application for the fashion industry


Progressive fashion shopping

Desyr is a web progressive application that allows shopping enthusiasts to search for products by checking reviews posted by people with the same body shape.

Matching body shapes

The core functionality of Desyr is to allow users to see reviews of their favourite fashion products posted by people who have similar body shapes, therefore we developed an algorithm that matches your body shape profile with certain fashion items posted by the community allowing you to make better decisions when shopping. 

Progressive WEB app

Desyr is a progressive web app and being so, it aims to close the gap to a native mobile application. It includes mobile ready features that can be found within native apps such as working offline, having access to phone’s sensors and hardware such as the phone camera. It also brings a mobile look and feel to a web application when is opened on a mobile device.



UI / UX Design, Frontend Development, API development, Database development


React Js, NodeJS, Mongo

Evangeli Ltd

Feb 2020 – Jul 2020

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