IOS / Android / Web for food donations

Provide a meal

Providing meals for people in need.

Provide A Meal is a platform where people can donate meals to people in need through QR Codes or can directly donate money to different charities from the United Kingdom.


The app has been developed initially on web and then also migrated to mobile on both IOS and Android. 

The app allows users to quickly authenticate using either Email or Facebook and then add money into their virtual wallet using multiple payment methods such as: Credit card, Paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

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Users can then either pick to transform the money from their wallets into QR codes of different values which can be later on claimed in partner restaurants or they can directly donate money to partner charities.


Besides the client app described above, the system consists also of a restaurant portal, which is used to claim the QR Codes, a charity portal which can see the amount of money they received and also an admin portal which allows the business owner to manage all the users and transactions involved.


Branding, Wireframe Design, UI / UX Design, Mobile development, Web development

Provide A Meal

March 2018


The web application has been developed using React and Redux, while the mobile app has been developed using React Native. This allowed us to develop a cross platform mobile app and deployed it on both Google Play and App Store with less effort. 

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