web platform for 3D furniture models


3D models for interior designers

Stayler is a web platform that brings a wide variety of 3D furniture models that interior designers can use in their projects.

Users at the core

Stayler was developed with a user centric mindset. Stayler aims to become the go to place for 3D furniture models that any interior designer not only use in its projects but also generate profit from by doing so. 

By doing this, the platform also provides an easy way for the end client to enhance their homes with the latest and one of the most qualitative furniture items.


Stayler is a server side rendered application. This means that the entire frontend code is being generated in the sever and served to the client browser as static files.

This comes with two great benefits for an user: 

– Your application is SEO friendly, as Google can index each page of your app.

– The app is being delivered to the client much faster, without overloading the clients browser, therefore the experience is greatly increased. The app can easily run on less powerful devices and on slower networks.



Server-side rendering is better for SEO because it removes the burden of rendering JavaScript off of search engine bots, solving speed-related crawl budget issues and partial indexing.


This will help search engines like Google find your application much faster and easier and also rank it higher. 

As seen in the example below, searching for a random piece of furniture brings Stayler as a result on Google. This is currently playing a crucial role in Stayler’s organic growth and helped the company market it’s product online with almost 0 costs.


Branding, UI / UX Design, Frontend development, Backend development


Next Js, Node Js, Mongo


June 2020

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