API for storing sensitive data on personal data accounts


Personal data accounts and GDPR

Tytonical is a service that enables millions of consumers to use their existing apps to pay for fuel, food, tolls, and parking automatically using their license plate. In Q1 2020 we’ve finalised the development of an API that is ready to capture information from third party providers and manage it on a GDPR compliant architecture based on personal data accounts.


At Tytonical the main challenge was to design an architecture that enables users to take full ownership over their personal data. We tackled this challenge by storing user sensitive data in a decentralised database held hosted by Dataswift. A more in depth explanation about how PDAs work can be found on in one of our blogs posts, here.


UI / UX Design, API development, Frontend development

React Js, Node Js, MongoDB

Dataswift Ltd

March 2020

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